Sunday Email News Feb 26-Mar 4

Happy Sunday Mighty Hawk Band!
The end of the 4th six weeks is this Tuesday so please help ensure that your student is doing everything they can to pass all of their classes by the end of February 28, 2017.

This week, we are looking forward to seeing our Birdville High School percussionists perform this Friday in their ensemble concert featuring Mr. Stockton Helbing! For all three bands, please look carefully below for after-school rehearsals and their times.

The Schedule for the week is the following:

Monday — Percussion Rehearsal / Winterguard Rehearsal

5:00 — 7:30pm  — Winterguard Rehearsal (BHS Second Gym)
3:00 — 8:00pm — Full Percussion Ensemble Rehearsal

Tuesday — Winter Guard Reharsal / Wind Ensemble Percussion Rehearsal

3:00 – 5:00pm — Percussion Rehearsal  Cop Drama
5:00 — 6:00pm — Percussion Wind Ensemble Quintet
5:00 — 7:30pm — Winter Guard (BHS Second Gym)

Wednesday — Wind Ensemble Brass Choir Rehearsal
3:00 — 4:15pm — Wind Ensemble Brass

Thursday — Wind Ensemble Woodwind Choir Rehearsal / Symphonic Band Rehearsal /  Winterguard Rehearsal / Percussion Ensemble Dress Rehearsal

3:00 — 4:15pm — Wind Ensemble Woodwinds
3:00 — 8:00pm — Percussion Ensemble Dress Rehearsal on Stage
5:00 — 7:00pm — Symphonic Band Rehearsal
5:00 — 7:30pm  — Winterguard Rehearsal (BHS Second Gym)

Friday — wind Ensemble Rehearsal / Percussion Ensemble Concert featuring Stockton Helbing

3:00 — 5:00pm — Wind Ensemble Clinic with Dr. Gibbs
7:00pm – Percussion Ensemble Concert

Just as a friendly reminder, Concert Band sectionals are the following for each regular week:

3:00 — 4:00pm — Trombones
4:00 — 5:00pm — French Horns
3:00 — 4:00pm — Trumpets
4:00 — 5:00pm — Flutes/Oboe
3:00 — 4:00pm — Low Brass
3:00 — 4:00pm — Low Woodwinds
4:00 — 5:00pm — Saxophones
3:00 — 4:00pm — Soprano Clarinets

For the most up to date information — Just as a friendly reminder, please find the most update information on the Mighty Hawk Band at or follow us on Facebook (Birdville HS Mighty Hawk Band)

Have a good evening and see everyone tomorrow!

Sarah Chang
Assistant Band Director, Color Guard Director
Birdville High School
Birdville Independent School District

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